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Brief Introduction to the Institute of Soil and Fertilizer
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The Institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1978. There are 45 staff members, among whom, 6 professors and 14 associate professors, 11 with PhD degree.

The institute has been currently engaged in the research of agricultural land resource, its use and management, agricultural environment and ecological protection, soil amendments and quality assessment, program coordination, plant nutrition and accurate nutrient management, new type fertilizer development, edible(medical) fungi breeding, cultivation and deep-processing research as well as agro-microbe research and application, etc.. The Institute has Land Conservation Observation Station, Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring Center for Green Food, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Bio-fertilizers and Testing Center, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It also undertakes the environmental monitoring for green food and agricultural environment quality assessment in Fujian province

The institute has been granted for 6 national awards, 73 ministerial awards, 23 2nd and 37 3rd prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress awards. The institute has gained 56 national invention patents and 22 utility model patents in the past thirty years. Two monographs were published- ¡°China Azolla¡±, ¡°Chinese milk vetch¡±, and four compiles were published - ¡°The new fertilizer application technology¡±, ¡°fertilization technology in farmland¡±, ¡°Research on agricultural resources and ecological environment development of Fujian¡± and "Theory and practice on milk vetch¡±. There was widespread extension of Scientific and technological achievements in the production which also gained significant social economic benefits. We¡¯ve made worthwhile contributions to improving agricultural environment, soil fertility and food safety of Fujian Province.

Through years of efforts and explorations, the frame of edible fungi and fertilizer development has been built, and the agrochemical enterprise of science and technology has been developed. It provides the agrochemical service of science and technology, which can supply many kinds of rare edible(medical) fungi inocula, patent of medical fungi fermented tea, decomposition accelerator of organic solid wastes, micro-ecological modifier, bio-fertilizer and new type fertilizer as well as technology and production development along with attornment. In the meanwhile, our institute also has developed a lot of services for the development and pilot test of new type fertilizers, supervising the manufacture of agrochemical products, technical consultation, soil and fertilizer samples test, quality test of agricultural products, microbe test and so on. The service platform of agrochemical and innovative technology has been built for the purpose of fertilizer enterprises and spacious rural areas.

Technological products have been developed like rare food (drug) with bacteria, medicinal fungi fermented tea, organic solid waste composting patent agent, micro ecological regulator, biological fertilizer, new fertilizers and other products. Also, some products and techniques have been transferred and promoted. We provide a wide range of services such as supervision of product manufacture, technical consultation, soil and fertilizer test, quality test for agricultural products and some microbial test. We have built innovatively technological service platform for fertilizer enterprises and the vast rural areas.

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