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Breif Introduction to the Institute of Plant Protection
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The Institute of Plant Protection (IPP), Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (FAAS), founded in 1978, is a non-profit scientific research institute dedicated to both basic and applied research of plant protection in Fujian, China. IPP has been awarded as Role Model Organization of Fujian Province for six consecutive three-year-round evaluation, and won National Labor-Community Award and Fujian Provincial Labor-Community Award. IPP specializes in crop pest research, prevention and control, and made remarkable achievements in research areas such as study and application of predatory mites, intelligent monitoring and molecular identification of crop pests, resistance evaluation of major crop varieties, research and application of insect pheromone, environmental risk assessment of chemical and biological pesticides, biological safety and security, and information of plant protection technologies.

Currently, IPP has 66 employees, including 61 specialists, 33 senior and associate researchers, 18 researchers with PhD degree, 25 researchers with Master degree. Among whom,   3 experts are recipients of  State Council Special Allowance, 2 researchers identified as National Candidates for New Century Talents, 1 researcher awarded National-level Outstanding Contributions Expert, 3 researchers identified as Fujian Provincial Candidates for New Century Talents, 1 researcher won the honor of National Outstanding Scientist, 1 researcher won the honor of Fujian Provincial Excellent Scientist, 1 researcher named as Leading Innovative Talent of Science and Technology, 2 researchers conferred Fujian Provincial Labor Award, 5 researchers enrolled the Young Scientist Talent Project of FAAS, 1 talent under the Thousand-Talent Scheme.

IPP has several high-level and well-functioning scientific research innovation platforms. It has national/ministerial and provincial key labs and research platforms, including Fuzhou Scientific Observing and Experimental Station of Crop Pests, Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), P. R. China, Authenticated Organization for Pesticide Registration in Efficacy Trail (MOA), Authenticated Organization for Pesticide Registration in Environmental Risk Assessment (MOA), National Demonstration and Extension Base for Foreign Talent Introduction, Fujian Key Laboratory of Crop Integrated Pest Management, Fujian Research Center for Natural Enemy Resource of Crop Pest, Fujian Research Center for Crop Variety Resistance.

IPP has won more than 30 scientific research achievements awards, including 2 National Awards for Science and Technology Progress, and 19 Provincial Awards for Science and Technology Progress. More than 60 national patents, 20 software copyright and 17 local standards have been achieved. IPP places great importance on international exchanges and cooperation, and has established long-term cooperative partnership in the frontiers of plant protection with institutions, universities and companies from more than 20 countries or international organizations around the world, including the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Taiwan and Israel, and so on.

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