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Introduction to Institute of Digital Agriculture (Science and Technology Training Center)
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Institute of Digital Agriculture, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (FAAS) was founded in May 2011, affiliated to Science and Technology Training Center of FAAS. The Institute of Digital Agriculture is established by integration of the researchers who are engaging in agricultural information technology research and information dissemination from the Science and Technology Cadre Training Center, Network Center, Institute of Plant Protection, and Institute of Agricultural Bio-resources Research of FAAS. There are 5 research laboratories (Center) including digitization of agricultural production processes, agricultural remote sensing and geographic information systems, Agricultural artificial intelligence and big data, Agricultural information and new media, and Digital agricultural pilot center. There were 24 working staff and 13 research support staff, including 8 senior professionals, 2 Ph.D (postdoctoral), and members with Masters degree or above accounted for more than 60%. It possessed Sannong scientific and technological service call center, scientific and technological management and service platform, rural scientific and technological information resource sharing and service platform, rural practical technology remote training platform, and China and Israel demonstration Farm.

Institute of Digital Agriculture aims to study application basic research of agricultural information technology, application technology research and development, product development and information service research, and Integration demonstration works. The institute focused on the key and generic technology issues of the national and Fujian provincial intelligent agricultural projects, and develops the application of digital agricultural technology, technological innovation and product creation.

Recently, Institute of Digital Agriculture undertook about 100 projects of agricultural information technology, including 10 national projects, 23 provincial projects, and 63 department level and others projects. It has been achieved a number of scientific progress, such as facility agricultural intelligent control, agricultural product quality safety traceability system, agricultural and rural information services, digital monitoring and forecasting of agricultural diseases and pests, and application of agricultural big data analysis. The research projects we participated won 1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress award, 1 first prize of national harvest award, 2 second prize of Fujian provincial scientific and technological progress award, 1 third prize of Fujian provincial scientific and technological progress award, 1 second prize of Fujian provincial Shennong scientific and technological award, and 1 second prize of Quanzhou city scientific and technological award. We obtained 5 national invention patents, 11 utility model patents and 52 software copyrights. There were more than 80 papers published in the provincial journals above. A series of digital agricultural software and hardware products with proprietary intellectual property rights were developed, and used in agricultural production and served in the transformation and upgrading of agricultural industry.

In the future, the Institute will further focus on the national promotion of rural revitalization strategy and the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Fujian Province to develop digital agricultural technology and promote the requirements of intelligent agricultural engineer. According to the critical, basic and common technical problems of the agricultural and rural information technology, the modern information technologies such including Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are integrated used. Combined with the detail needs of agricultural production, management and whole industry chain services, systematic, supporting and engineering research development are conducted. The theoretical innovation, technology research development and product creations are sustained developed, providing the technical support for improving agricultural intelligence, automation and information level, which are contributed to the leap-forward development of digital agriculture in Fujian Province.

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