Dr. Liette Varsseur, Professor of Brock University Came to FAAS for an Exchange Visit
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On Jan.22, Dr. Liette Varsseur delivered a lecture entitled Helping the soil through natural amendments: the case of agrominerals and cover crops.  The meeting was hosted by Wei Hui, the director of Scientific Research Department and more than 40 scientists attended it. With abundant experiments, Dr. Liette Varsseur introduced  the effects  of soil improvement with agrominerals and cover crops in detail respectively. The report expands the attendants perspective and provides reference for China's soil improvement and restoration.

Later, Tao Hao, Vice president of  Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences  warmly welcomed her arrival on behalf of FAAS and have an in-depth discussion on how to strengthen cooperation and exchange between FAAS and Brock University. Dr. Vasseur also visited China-Israel Demonstration Farm.

It is reported that Dr. Vasseur is a full professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Brock University, a member of the Women and Gender Studies program and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. Since 2014, she holds the UNESCO Chair on Community Sustainability.

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